Mission, vision and values

Sepid nikan Hospital starts its work with the aim of improving the level of health and public health and facilitating things for clients and patients as much as possible; With the hope that by using the best facilities, the cooperation of its skilled doctors and the practical speed of providing services, it will become a salve and cure for the pains of its patients and clients. At sepid nikan Hospital, we believe that health is a right. It is all the people who live on the planet and regardless of age, race, religion and skin color, it should be possible to provide modern medical services and facilities to all people.

Hospital perspectives

Our view at sepid nikan Hospital is that we can reach the first place in the form of Nikan Hospitals Group not only in Iran, but also in the Middle East and provide the best services to the applicants in the shortest possible time.


  • Patient-centeredness and customer-centricity
  • sincere service
  • Professional ethics
  • Knowledgeable
  • Process perspective
  • Quality and safety culture
  • Compassion

Individual-organizational characteristics

Respect, honesty, openness